Thanks to the hundreds of nonprofit leaders who made it out to Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond for our 2012 Seattle program, and to all the great sponsors and partners who made it possible!

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay tuned for our plans in 2013, and you can also access our 2012 conference program or see the agenda below, which featured insightful keynotes, workshops, seminars, and panels from a variety of dynamic experts, all sharing practical tips and tools for nonprofit leaders.

2012 Seattle Agenda

8:30 am

Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:10 am

Welcome & Introduction

Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Social Media for Nonprofits

Sponsor Remarks

Akhtar Badshah, Global Community Affairs Senior Director, Microsoft

Twitter Handles: @ritusharma1 & @Akhtarbad

9:30 am

Creating & Curating Killer Content

Zan McColloch-Lussier, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement, Food Lifeline

Want to communicate more with your supporters and future donors but have little time to create content? The secret to sharing more with your community lies in content “curation.” Learn best practices and get great tips on how other nonprofits are doing this effectively… and efficiently.

Twitter Handle: @zanarama

10:00 am

Don’t Just Do It, Do It Well! Process & Management of Social Media Efforts

Ash Shepherd, Strategy & Process, Minds on Design Lab

Go beyond posting an update or sharing a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Learn how to integrate your social media efforts into your workflow to create communities of engagement, and improve your nonprofit’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Twitter Handle: @NPTech_Ash

10:30 am

Break for Conversation, & Tweetout

10:50 am

Leveraging Social Media for Events

Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Social Media for Nonprofits, & Laura Coltrin, Product Marketing Manager, Eventbrite

Explore how to effectively harness social media to drive traffic and attendance for your nonprofit event, and maximize the on-site experience. Learn practical strategies, tactics, and resources to ensure maximum engagement from the communities you serve using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Twitter Handles: @ritusharma1 & @lauracoltrin

11:25 pm

Let’s Get Visual! Visual Content Marketing Strategies

Noland Hoshino, Co-Founder, Bcause Media

How can you grab your audience’s attention quickly? A compelling image tells a story about your cause, triggers emotion instantly, and is easily shareable across platforms. Learn best practices of visual content marketing strategies and how powerful images can boost your organization’s online presence.

Twitter Handle: @NolandHoshino

12:10 pm

Break for Lunch, Emails, & Fresh Air

1:10 pm

Solutions Salon: Executive Roundtable Discussions

In this highly interactive, intimate session, every attendee will have the opportunity to introduce his or her work and, identify and meet current needs. Come prepared to discuss your most pressing challenges, and witness the power of community in action as everyone leaves with their needs for resources, contacts, and ideas fulfilled.

2:25 pm

Audience Segmentation: Communicate With One to Reach Many

Peter Drury, Director of Development, A Child’s Right

In this hands-on session you will learn how to identify and divide your core audience into different segments, and tailor your strategy and messaging to those groups to achieve your objectives.

Twitter Handle: @seattledrury

3:05 pm

Break for Conversation, & Tweetout

3:25 pm

Social Media Dashboards that Help You Drive

Holly Ross, Executive Director, NTEN
Despite (or perhaps because of) the infinite amount of choice in social media, what’s required to succeed is focus. A social media dashboard can help you find the focus, deciding where and when to spend your limited social media time. In this session, we’ll talk about how you can build a social media dashboard that will help you streamline your streamline your scans, be more responsive, and better meet your social media goals.

Twitter Handle: @ntenhross

4:00 pm

A Guide to Social Fundraising

Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Co-Founder & Head of External Partnerships, Social Media for Nonprofits

Billions of dollars are donated online every year, and the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. But how can your nonprofit maximize its social fundraising efforts? Get concrete tips and tools for establishing your presence and getting big dollars in the door.

Twitter Handle: @dheyman

4:35 pm

Microsoft Software, Tools, and Apps for Nonprofits
James Rooney, Technology for Good, Microsoft Citizenship & Public Affairs

Microsoft has the technology and resources to empower your nonprofit to do more. Whether you are a small organization serving a single community or a global nonprofit serving millions of people, we can help through software donations, training, and technology resources.  Stick around to learn how!

Twitter Handle: @jamesroo

5:05 – 6:00 pm

Closing Remarks & Happy Hour

Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder, & Executive Director, & Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Co-Founder & Head of External Partnerships, Social Media for Nonprofits

Twitter Handles: @ritusharma1 & @dheyman

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